June 15, 2014 7:46 pm

The clock strikes seven and mom comes hurriedly to wake me up,
My sound sleep disturbed, I protest crying helplessly,
Ignoring my sobs, hectic preparations follow to get me ready
Dad and mom drive me, unconcerned of my angry gestures,
And stop by a home with enticing landscape affront.
Beaming with a smile, an unassuming lady takes me in,
Amused and excited I find a large gathering of children,
Some playful and a few quietly sit uncertain of what to do.
Suddenly I feel alone and insecure in this new place
I start crying inconsolably and I fell asleep after a while.
When I wake up I find myself comfortably lying in my cot,
Dad over there is busy doing his ‘home-work’ with a lap-top,
Wishfully I think he should take me on his lap, instead;
Making me feel ‘at home’ and that I am being taken care of.
With a weak smile and weariness writ all over her face,
Mom arrives after gruelling, hard work at the office,
She takes me in her arms and cuddles me passionately,
Leaving me in the cot, she hurries towards the kitchen,
Her busy schedule hardly has time to spare with me.
I envy my once in a while playmate, a cheerful neighbour,
His mother stays at home caring him all the time.
How I wish fervently my mom is also at home around,
To feed me, play with me and sing lullaby for me to sleep.
May be, both dad and mom work to earn more money,
To buy me chocolate and ice cream which I am pond of.
I promise, mom, I won’t ask for chocolate and ice cream,
If you assure me to be at home, all through day and night,
That will make me happy and secure under your watchful eyes,
Mom, do not send me to that pay-for-care home anymore,
I want to be at home all the time sharing your love and care.

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