Dear Future Me – Nandita Ganeshan

June 30, 2015 4:24 pm

Dear Future Me,
Answer to my plead.
I have to warn you now,
So sit down and read.

In each sentence and each word,
I’ll tell you about the mystery.
So go ahead and grab your sword,
And get yourself in the history.

The midnight when you know it all,
Will be the day when you start.
Run and hide before it falls,
Before its all apart.

There will stand a road which follows by a door,
Remember the key near the stinking tree.
But be careful, because the door you open,
Spirits will be set free.

Your eyes will wander everywhere,
To find the treasure.
The box across the room that lands,
Because of the gravitational pressure.

Run across and open it up,
You’ll find what seem to be.
Mr. Midget the bear,
The teddy with a smile across its face.

Take it and exit the closet before its to late,
Because the monster under your bed
Will pierce your poor fate.

Jump in the bed,
Put your blanket on,
And hide your face.
Mr. Midget will keep you safe,
As he knows how to keep them away.

Now that you know where the treasure lies,
Go and find it right away.
I hope I helped you,
Dear future me.

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