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Mystic MelodyTitle: Mystic Melody
Author: NK Osho

Published by:
The Home of Letters (India)
Dr. MB Beg

ISBN: 81-87873-51-5 (PB)
Price: INR-100, US$-5, UKPound-3
First Edition: 2005





This is my First Anthalogy of Poems.
This is an attempt to give comfort to the Readers and to the lovers of Poetry, all around the Globe.
God Bless the Readers.

Lo! Thy grace face
Makes me . . . meek!
Oh thee make me to seek
thine altar of divine brace . . .
Atweel! My mundane . . . in breach . . .
When my madrigals . . . flow as tears
Thou mother of spring . . .
Soft, mellow, mirth. . . I sing . . .
Poetry is purity, the rare unity to blend with nature.